Zymo Research Introduces a Molecular Wildlife & Ecology Grant to Support Wildlife Conservation

IRVINE, Calif., (June 1, 2023) — Zymo Research, a leading innovation company for biomedical products and services, introduces a Molecular Wildlife & Ecology Grant to support the accessibility of molecular methods in wildlife management. Zymo Research is dedicated to advancing scientific research by providing researchers with innovative and reliable molecular tools.

Molecular methodologies are vital to wildlife research and through this grant, Zymo Research aims to equip researchers with the necessary tools, services and technical support to conduct their studies. The grant will be awarded to five applicants, who will receive a $2,500 credit to use on Zymo Research products and services. Each grantee will also receive recommendations for an optimal workflow from Zymo Research’s product and service specialists.

Throughout the years, Zymo Research has collaborated with various wildlife groups by providing products, services and technical support. The resources have been critical to the advancement of their molecular wildlife research.

Lisette Waits, PhD, is a Distinguished Professor at the University of Idaho who serves as a board member of the Molecular Ecology Working Group (MEWG). “Zymo Research has gone above and beyond to provide for researchers in the MEWG. They have provided products and technical support that have enabled us to conduct research we typically wouldn’t be able to do due to funding limitations. It’s wonderful to see a company care so deeply about wildlife conservation,” said Dr. Waits.

Stanislav Forman, PhD, Director of Sample Prep at Zymo Research is proud of the product’s wide breadth of impact. “It's truly remarkable to see how our products are being used in wildlife biology, especially DNA/RNA Shield. It has been a real game-changer for those working in remote locations, as it can preserve samples in some of the most extreme climates,” said Dr. Forman.

Dr. Forman continued, “The impact of DNA/RNA Shield has extended far beyond what we originally envisioned. We're thrilled to see it supporting conservation efforts and research in such a meaningful way.”

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