Available NGS Analysis Services

Epigenetic Analysis Services

Epigenetic Analysis Services

Investigate DNA methylation profiling, histone modification, and protein-DNA interaction utilizing bisulfite sequencing and ChIP-seq analysis to reach your research goals. The epigenetic modifications are emerging as important diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in many fields of medicine.

Targeted Bisulfite Sequencing    |    Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Analysis    |    ChIP-Seq Service


Epigenetic biomarker discovery and validation

Investigate regulation mechanisms in cancer research, neuroscience, immunology, aging, etc.

Discovery of protein-DNA binding sites

Gene Expression Analysis Services

Gene Expression Analysis Services

Reveal the differentially expressed genes and unfold functions and pathways in biological samples under different developmental stages or specific conditions.

RNA-Seq Service


Evaluate disease mechanisms

Differential gene expression analysis

miRNA biomarker discovery

Drug screening and efficacy

Study and improve efficiency in AgBiotech research

Microbiome Analysis Services

Microbiome Analysis Services

Characterize the microbiome of any sample with our end-to-end solution. All services offer sample collection, extraction, library prep, sequencing and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis. Receive a user-friendly, interactive report with statistical analyses and group comparisons.

Microbiome Analysis Services    |    16S/ITS Amplicon Sequencing Service    |    Full-Length 16S Sequencing Service    |    Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing Service    |    Long-Read Metagenomic Sequencing & Assembly    |    Microbiome Custom Solutions    |    Metatranscriptomics Sequencing Service


Food & water testing

Bioremediation & agriculture

Drug therapeutics

Direct-to-consumer health

Clinical diagnostics

Epigenetic Aging Services

Epigenetic Aging Services

Precisely quantify biological age in human and mouse samples. Dr. Steve Horvath's epigenetic clock, the gold standard of aging clocks, predicts biological age by measuring DNA methylation at multiple sites.

DNAge Epigenetic Age Service    |    Human Epigenetic Age Service    |    Mouse Epigenetic Age Service


Precise age quantification

Identify effective aging interventions

Research using mouse models of aging

Development of aging intervention programs

Impact of behavioral and lifestyle choices

Environmental Surveillance Services

Environmental Surveillance Services

Detect COVID-19 and its variants. Whether servicing positive samples or community wastewater, the services can provide early warning of infectious disease outbreaks by spotting trends of public health importance.

COVID-19 Variant Sequencing    |    SARS-CoV-2 Wastewater Monitoring


Track and monitor COVID-19 outbreaks

Forecast COVID-19 testing and vaccine distribution

Nucleic Acid PUrification Services

Nucleic Acid Purification Services

Our nucleic acid purification services extract genomic and/or plasmid DNA in the specific sample quantities that you require. Your samples will be purified from contaminants using our state-of-the-art technologies to reduce any probability of errors.

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High throughput sample processing for biopharma research

High yield, high purity DNA and RNA isolation

Safe, stable sample collection for pathogen inactivation

Custom Solution Services

Custom Solution Services

All next-generation analysis services can be customized to meet your needs. Our scientists and PhD's will take the time to understand your desired outcome and collaborate on the best workflow and service solution.

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Flexible Solutions for a Wide Range of Industry Needs:



Biotech Start-ups

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I have been sending samples to Zymo Services for several years and continue to be consistently impressed by the incredible service. The team members are an absolute pleasure to deal with. They have been enormously helpful regarding processing and analysis of samples, and I feel they are always willing to go the extra step to facilitate specifics for my data analysis. Thank you for providing such an awesome service!

Susan B.

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Straightforward End-to-End Solutions to Accelerate Your Research

We believe that the beauty of science is to make things simple.

Next-generation sequencing is an important tool for an increasing number of applications. However, interpreting the resulting volumes of data can present challenges. With our easy to engage services and trained scientists, you don't have to be a bioinformatics guru. Instead, our bioinformatics specialists simplify the experience by sending you your data as a comprehensive report that can be customized to fit your needs.

Furthermore, our scientists have thoroughly tested and validated each step in all workflows to ensure the highest data quality is delivered every single time. Most importantly, our expert specialists are always available to answer questions and assist you through the prcoess to make things simple.

We remain committed to pioneering new research tools and next-generation sequencing analysis services techniques to meet any ongoing and future challenges you may have.

Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Services are customizable and can be combined to suit your needs!

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