ZymoTaq DNA Polymerase - Hot Start Taq Polymerase for PCR

Among the biggest challenges in PCR, primer dimer and nonspecific product formation negatively impact the efficiency, specificity, and accuracy of the amplification process.

To resolve such challenges, Zymo Research developed ZymoTaq DNA Polymerase, which includes a robust heat-activated, thermostable Taq polymerase that reduces nonspecific product formation that can occur during PCR. The product generates specific amplicons with little or no by-product formation.

ZymoTaq DNA Polymerase is heat-activated, simple, and easy to use. To initiate PCR, simply heat at 95°C for 10 minutes. The product contains all the reagents needed to perform hot-start PCR, with 3′-terminal transferase activity. The addition of “A” overhangs to amplified DNA makes it ideal for use in TA-cloning.

ZymoTaq DNA polymerase is validated for the amplification of bisulfite-treated DNA for methylation detection and is suitable for both conventional PCR and qPCR applications.

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