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    Quick-RNA FFPE Miniprep


    Quick-RNA FFPE Miniprep

    Cat # Name Size
    R1008 Quick-RNA FFPE Miniprep 50 preps



    • Easy Processing: Included Deparaffinization Solution for simple paraffin removal from FFPE samples. No xylene necessary.
    • Improved Recovery: Optimized Proteinase K digestion and heat ensures maximum recovery of RNA from FFPE tissue samples.
    • High Quality: Non-crosslinked, DNA-free RNA are ready for all downstream applications including PCR, Next-Gen Sequencing, etc.

    The Quick-RNA FFPE Kit provides a simple and reliable method for RNA isolation from formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples. The unique chemistries of this FFPE tissue RNA extraction kit have been optimized for maximum recovery of both large and small RNA species. Simply deparaffinize FFPE tissues using Deparaffinization Solution, digest using Proteinase K, heat to reverse chemical crosslinks, and then purify using Zymo-Spin column technology. The FFPE RNA extraction result is high-quality total RNA (including small RNAs 17-200 nt) that is DNA-free and is ready for RT-PCR, hybridization, sequencing, etc.

    Equipment Microcentrifuge, vortex, heat block/bath
    Purity RNA is ready for Next-Gen sequencing, RT-PCR, microarray, hybridization, etc. A260/A280, A260/A230: >1.8.
    Sample Source FFPE Samples: Up to 25 mg tissue from paraffin block or up to four (4) tissue sections (≤20 µm thick) with a total surface area ~20 mm2
    Size Range Total RNA ≥ 17 nt
    Yield 50 µg RNA (binding capacity), ≥25 µl (elution volume)

    Cat # Name Size
    W1001-10 DNase/RNase-Free Water 10 ml
    D3067-1-20 Deparaffinization Solution 20 ml
    C1001-50 Collection Tubes 50 Pack
    R1060-2-25 RNA Prep Buffer 25 ml
    R1060-1-50 RNA Lysis Buffer 50 ml
    R1060-1-100 RNA Lysis Buffer 100 ml
    R1003-3-24 RNA Wash Buffer 24 ml
    C1078-50 Zymo-Spin IICR Columns 50 Pack
    D3050-1-5 2X Digestion Buffer - 5 mL 5 mL
    D3050-1-20 2X Digestion Buffer - 20 mL 20 mL
    D3050-1-80 2X Digestion Buffer - 80 mL 80 mL
    E1010-1-4 DNA Digestion Buffer 4 mL

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