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    DNA/RNA Shield Collection Tube w/ Swab - DX

    R1107-E / R1109-E

    DNA/RNA Shield Collection Tube w/ Swab - DX

    Cat # Name Size
    R1107-E DNA/RNA Shield Collection Tube w/Swab - DX (1 ml fill) 50 pack
    R1109-E DNA/RNA Shield Collection Tube w/Swab - DX (2 ml fill) 50 pack



    Swab collection kits DX include DNA/RNA Shield Collection Tubes with Swabs and are specimen receptacle medical devices for molecular-based in vitro diagnostic applications. Many sample types can be collected with these swab collection tubes including from the mouth, nose, throat, and wherever a swab may be deemed appropriate per application. To use these swab collection tubes, just swab any sample and break the tip into the collection device prefilled with the DNA/RNA Shield reagent. Samples are stabilized and ready for transport or storage.

    Applicable For Next-Generation Sequencing, qPCR, microarray
    Device Specs 12 x 80 mm screwcap vial pre-filled with DNA/RNA Shield (1 mL or 2 mL)
    Device Storage Ambient temperature => 2 years
    Registration Status 510(k) cleared Class II Medical Device
    FDA- Emergency Use Authorization
    CE-IVD Marked
    Sample Collection 10% (v/v or w/v)
    Sample Source Nose, mouth, throat, biological fluids, upper and lower respiratory specimens
    Stability RNA: Ambient temperature
    (4°C- 25°C) at least 1 month
    DNA: Ambient temperature
    (4°C- 25°C) at least 2 years
    DNA & RNA: Frozen
    (< -20°C): Indefinitely

    DNA/RNA Shield can be used on upper and lower respiratory human specimens.

    RNA > 1 month

    This can happen on occasion due to transport or storage at lower temperatures. The reagent functionality is not affected; however, the precipitate can be resolved by heating the reagent to >37 °C.

    No, tissues do not need to be homogenized.

    Avoid mixing the reagent and bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or other strong oxidizing agents and acids. Clean up any accidental spills with water first.

    For any biological sample collection (nasal, throat, etc.), use a sterile swab for collection and then deposit it into DNA/RNA Shield. For application-specific questions, please reach out to technical support.

    “We extracted RNA from cells suspended in DNA/RNA Shield with the Direct-zol miniprep set from Zymo (using Trizol). It worked perfect for us.”

    - Mariska B. (University of Amsterdam)

    “I did an assay using RNA/DNA shield and it works perfect. The product have excellent reproducibility when stored at 4°C for up to a month.”

    - Maha AE. (University of Florida)

    “We use DNA/RNA shield and it works well with adults mosquitoes, larvae, eggs. We store it at RT for weeks and at -4°C or -20°C for months, never saw any DNA degradation.”

    - Umberto P. (University of Pavia)

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