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    Sterile Collection Swab

    C1052-50 / C1053-50

    Sterile Collection Swab

    Cat # Name Size
    C1052-50 Sterile Collection Swab, 20mm break point 50Pack
    C1053-50 Sterile Collection Swab, 80mm break point 50Pack


    • Used in a variety of environments and specimen collection applications such as medical, forensics, genetics, microbiology, preanalytical, diagnostics.
    • Fiber swabs are especially popular for specimen collection in the field and available in 20mm and 80mm break points.
    • Sold in 50 packs, sterile and individually wrapped. For swabs with transportation reagent, see DNA/RNA Shield Collection Tube w/ Swab.

    Sterile fiber swabs allow the collection of samples from the mouth, nose, and throat for research and preanalytical diagnostic use. Unlike our swab collection kits, these swabs are individually packaged. Our sterile fiber swabs can be used in the field where appropriate per application for specimen collection. 

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