Urine Collection Kit


Urine Collection Kit

Cat # Name Size
D3062 Urine Collection Kit 10 Pack



  • Effectively preserves DNA and RNA in urine at ambient temperatures
  • Facilitates pelleting of urine nucleic acids from large volume urine samples for nucleic acids purification
  • Microbial inactivation

Urine Collection Kit w/ Conditioning Buffer (UCB) ensures nucleic acid stability in urine during sample storage/transport at ambient temperatures.

Applicable For Collection, transportation, and storage of urine samples
Reagent Storage Room Temperature
Sample Source Urine
Sample Stability 25 ° C (ambient) for up to 30 days, -80 ° C indefinitely

Cat # Name Size
D3062-1 Urine Collection Cup 10 Pack
D3061-1-8 Urine Conditioning Buffer 8 ml
D3061-1-140 Urine Conditioning Buffer 140 ml