Direct-zol RNA Miniprep & Lysis Tubes

R2050 / R2051 / S6003-50 / S6012-50 / S6014-50

Direct-zol RNA Miniprep & Lysis Tubes

Cat # Name Size
R2050 Direct-zol RNA Miniprep 50 preps
R2051 Direct-zol RNA Miniprep (Product Supplied w/ 50 ml TRI Reagent) 50 preps
S6003-50 ZR Bashing Bead Lysis Tubes (2 mm) 50 Tubes
S6012-50 ZR BashingBead Lysis Tubes (0.1 & 0.5 mm) 50 Tubes
S6014-50 ZR BashingBead Lysis Tubes (0.1 & 2.0 mm) 50 Tubes



  • RNA from TRIzol in 7 minutes.
  • Use ZR BashingBead Lysis Tubes for optimal disruption and homogenization of hard-to-lyse samples in TRIzol.
  • Unbiased, total RNA including small/miRNAs (>17 nt). DNase I included.

For unbiased lysis of microbes and/or solid tissue in TRIzol, use the ZR BashingBead Lysis Tubes (select option) for efficient homogenization of hard-to-lyse samples prior to RNA purification with the Direct-zol RNA kit.  The Direct-zol RNA kit isolates total RNA (including small/miRNAs) from any sample in TRIzol in just 7 minutes.

ZR BashingBead Lysis Tubes (S6003 for animal/plant tissue, S6012 for microbes, S6014 for microbes in tissue/insects) are 2.0 ml screwcap tubes with high density, fracture resistant, chemically inert, ceramic beads and is used upstream for the disruption of hard-to-lyse samples.  Simply collect your sample in TRIzol, transfer the lysate into a Lysis Tube and perform mechanical homogenization (high-speed bench homogenizer adapted for 2.0 ml tubes). Then process the TRIzol lysate with the Direct-zol RNA kit by binding directly to the spin-column, wash and elute.  DNA-free, RNA is ready to use for any downstream application such as NGS, RT/qPCR and etc.