Zymoprep Yeast Plasmid Miniprep Kits

The Zymoprep Yeast Plasmid Miniprep kits are simple and efficient yeast plasmid purification products based on the E. coli alkaline lysis method but using Zymolyase as the first solution. The yeast miniprep kits provide all the necessary reagents for plasmid isolation from S. cerevisiae, C. albicans, P. pastoris, S. pombe, and any fungi whose cell walls are susceptible to yeast lytic enzyme lysis.

The procedure is fast and straightforward, and there is no need for glass beads or phenol. The Zymoprep II recovers about 5-fold more yeast plasmid DNA compared to Zymoprep I and eliminates the isopropanol precipitation step. The Zymoprep-96 incorporates our Zymoprep II kit into a 96-well format, resulting in a high-throughput solution that is ideal for screening multiple clones simultaneously.

The system is perfect for low copy number and hard-to-isolate plasmids. Reliably recover plasmid DNA from yeast colonies, patches on plates, or as liquid cultures with convenient yeast miniprep kits. Eluted yeast plasmid DNA can be used directly for E. coli transformation, PCR, and Southern blot analysis.

Comparison Table

Catalog #ProductBinding CapacityElution VolumeFormatProcessing Time
D2001Zymoprep Yeast Plasmid Miniprep IN/A≥ 35 µlIsopropanol Precipitation≤ 30 minutes
D2004Zymoprep Yeast Plasmid Miniprep II5 µg≥ 10 µlSpin-Column≤ 25 minutes
D2007Zymoprep-96 Yeast Plasmid Miniprep5 µg≥ 10 µl per well96-Well Spin Plate≤ 60 minutes

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