Swab Collection Kits and Swabs

Swab collection kits and individually wrapped sterile swabs for biomedical research or clinical diagnostic uses.

Although especially popular in the field, swabs can be used in a variety of environments and specimen collection applications such as medical, forensics, genetics, microbiology, preanalytical, diagnostics. Sterile and individually wrapped fiber swabs are available in quantities of 50 with 20mm and 80mm break points.

Our swab collection kits provide a general purpose collection method for molecular-based applications. Many sample types can be collected with these swab collection kits including from the mouth, nose, throat, and wherever a swab may be deemed appropriate per application. To use these swab collection kits, just swab any sample and break the tip into the swab collection kits tube prefilled with reagent. Samples are immediately stabilized and ready for transport or storage.

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What Do Swab Collection Kits Include?

Swab Collection Kits include screwcap vials pre-filled with DNA/RNA Shield (1 mL or 2 mL) reagent and sterile swabs. Swabs are used to collect samples from the nose, mouth, throat, biological fluids, or the environment. The reagent included in all swab collection kits is designed to stabilize and preserve the specimen at ambient temperatures during transport prior to analytical testing.

One important advantage of our swab kits is the reagents’ ability to completely inactivate pathogenic samples (bacteria, virus, eukaryotic). Furthermore, this includes tough-to-lyse microbes and viruses without need for additional steps, such as heat-treatment, homogenization, or alcohol sterilization.

For at-home swab collection kits that stabilize nucleic acid content with samples collected via sterile swabs, consider our SafeCollect Swab Kit.

Things to Look for in a Swab Collection Device

When looking for a swab collection device, first consider how and where samples are going to be collected. Specifically, collection sites consist of the nose, mouth, throat, biological fluids and environmental locations. While especially popular in field research for ease of use and convenience, swab collection kits are also widely used in the medical field. Most recently, swab collection kits have become a standard collection method for COVID-19 testing.

Second, consider the stability of what you anticipate collecting. For downstream analysis, our swab collection kits reagent is the perfect transport and storage medium for obtaining DNA or RNA from any biological sample. Our reagent technology can be used at room temperature preventing DNA and RNA degradation from repeated freeze-thaw cycles. This upholds confidence in the quality of a sample right from its collection point.

Finally, consider user and researcher safety. Our swab sample collection kits reagent inactivates 100% of bacterial and viral inputs. By inactivating infectious agents, the workflow is safe, and the genetic integrity of the sample is preserved. The sample is ready for DNA/RNA isolation without reagent removal.

Swab Sample Analysis Opportunities

Swab collection kit samples are one of the most common collection types used across both healthcare and field testing. Whatever the appropriate sampling, just swab the sample and break the tip into the collection device pre-filled with the included reagent.

Swab collection kits enable various opportunities for analysis. Some include DNA/RNA purification, nucleic acid quantification, and detecting infectious diseases. Additionally, gene expression and profiling can be done through Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) methods. Finally, our swab collection kits reagent preserves high quality DNA and RNA outputs needed for next-generation sequencing analysis.

The Future of Swab Collection

The future of collection kits is mainly focused on continuing to minimize user error during sample collection. Additionally, maintaining the integrity of a sample during transport and prior to analysis.

A new and upcoming swab collection method involves an at-home sample collection device in which the user collects their own sample by themselves. This method does not require the presence of a medical professional.

All-new SafeCollect swab kits include a partitioned design that holds the reagent in its own chamber. This allows for a safe and reliable collection and tube insertion of oral and nasal swabs. Specifically, SafeCollect design eliminates the risk of spilling the stabilization reagent during use through utilizing a pierceable safety seal. The reagent is only released when the swab is inserted in the tube.

The evolution of swab kits will be driven by advancements in nucleic acid technologies and sequencing analysis needs.

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